Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Coming, it's Coming.

Spring really, really is coming. Of course, so is the Fourth of July, and Christmas, and another Spring, and so on. But we need to have something to hold on to today, during one more snowstorm, one more day off from school. I guess I must have realized I needed the boost when I bought these flowers a couple of days ago.

Not just a boost from the weather, but from other things. I have to actually almost laugh at my carefree post of yesterday, stating that "all are healthy" or some such innocent comment. Truth is the Young Prince is ill again.  


I cringed internally when he said yesterday, "my stomach was a bit upset in school." But he had an appetite, and ate a nice after-school snack of fresh fruit and some cheddar cheese. (The cheese might not have been the best choice - since we are trying to watch his fat intake).

But he wanted a shower. That doesn't usually bode well. To explain briefly, whenever Tom feels ill, he showers. A lot. It's not an obsession with being clean, his need is for the calming heat, rather like a hot tub, (closest he can get to a hot tub since they are verboten.) However, yesterday he actually wanted to wash. With soap and everything. So I took heart. 

And even better he was pumping away on his homework between showers. So...he didn't really seem as sick as he's could have been. Dinner time came and he did have an appetite. Not huge, but decent. Even asked for nachos after the dinner. So I made those too, trying not to use too much cheese.

Things seemed OK, but I could tell at bed time he wasn't really himself. Or he wasn't his "healthy" self. He asked for the neck-warmer (those neat cloth sacks filled with cow-corn and are microwavable), and really wanted the cat with him.

Evening progressed uneventfully until about 1:30 AM with the first vomit. The wild storm outside matched the churning of his poor tummy. But he went back to bed quickly and slept well till this morning. Then another shower, interrupted by more vomiting. A bit concerning, the color was too green for my liking - and we may call Boston later. 

Of course I want this to clear up quickly for all the obvious reasons. But in addition, Tom is supposed to be interviewed by The Lowell Sun tomorrow, they have been talking since last fall about running a feature on him. 

Well, we'll see. 

Spring is coming. I just have to hold on to that - with the fierceness of the Lion that the season is associated with.

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