Friday, January 13, 2006

Check out my post on, and while you're there, look for other posts on 24. Pretty funny!

In case you were too lazy to click on that link - and you know who you are - I was borrowing just a lil teeny bit from Dave Barry's hilarious commentary on 24.
It's almost time for 24 to start up again! Yeehaw! Or as Bruce Willis would put it...

"Yippeekaiyai^*$%&@*" Or something Like That.

I bet Chloe is now sporting a blackbelt in whoop-ass, and Edgar will have conquered numerous battles on G4's "Arena", and after each victory he declared with his sour stone face, "I'm dedicating this to my Mom, may she rest in Peace". Then after adjusting his Comm headset, he'd snap his fingers, give a quick gangsta style head bobble, and mutter, "That's how I roll - bitch"

Also, following a CTU directive, all Home Depots now maintain a "No-Shop List". Jack Bauer's name is right at the top.

Tony and Michelle are still together, but Michelle is now the drunk in the family. Tony likes it though.

For more 24 mania, or to at least understand a wee bit of the pop references I oh-so-coolly sprinkled throughout this post, check out the link. Yes, that link in the previous sentence. YES - THAT ONE. Sheesh!