Monday, April 12, 2004

Hello out there. Helloooooo. Yes, it’s been way too long, no excuses for it either. Anyway, I have no real agenda for this post, except perhaps as a shout-out to any and all who are listening: “I’m still here!” So, this will be most likely rambling, and even maybe boring, but at least it’s something.

First off, a fellow blogger and writer returned home from Iraq recently. OK, about 2 months ago. I’m not even sure where “Home” is, but better to be there, than…there. Actually if you read his posts from February, right before he left the War Zone, you’ll see some startling stuff. Ok, just go here…and see what I mean.

So, in Local News - The Dracut School system has dealt with some health scares lately, namely an unidentified rash afflicting kids at the Jr. High, and TB at the High School. TB - which is obviously scarier, seems to be very under control, with only one individual actually having symptoms, and about 4 others who tested positive. From what I’ve read, this occurrence is not entirely outside the norm. The Mystery Rash, much less life threatening, was still upsetting for parents and students alike, since it was just that…a mystery. Evidently this kind of thing happens in other settings, and clears up, no one ever finding a cause. :::Shrug:::

Of course, sickness hit closer to home with nasty sinus infection for both children in my house. Something hit me too, and I have no idea what, but it better git soon.

National TV Turnoff week is like…now…or soon…or something. We at the Campbell school will be doing our TV Un-Plugged week starting May third. Lots to do to get ready for that, but it’s always a fun time.

Karate is still fun, my husband, and partner in insanity, just started back with his training. He tore his knee cartilage in January (The day before Sempai Jen's wedding no less) and is very glad to be back doing iron bridges (NOT) and getting whacked around.

At the dojo, I kicked it up a notch - no pun intended - and had been training about 4 days a week. I even went running a couple times too! But one knee started acting up, then kids got sick, now I'm sick. This setback aggrevates me to no end, since there's a little umm...blackbelt test in June I'd really like to be ready for. I will NOT panic - NO, I will NOT. Ok I'm fricken panicking here. Grrr!

Well, I need to either rest, or catch up on many overdue projects and/or bills.
Wish me luck!