Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Things I’ve Learned

A dumped canister of cornmeal has an uncanny resemblance to plaster dust, this is especially noticeable when it’s all over at least half the kitchen, including the coffee machine and stove top.

However, a dumped container of 12-hour-old coffee grounds bears an even uncann-ier [is there such a word?] resemblance to rodent droppings. Hmm, I’ll take the plaster dust.

Laboratory specimens do not have a “grace period”.

School children still want their parents to bake things for classroom holiday parties. They still forget to ask until the night before.

The grocery store is always fun, especially when you have a full list, half the time, and none of the money.

Cats are such clean little critters. They love a nice clean bed to nap on.

Cats too, have built in alarm clocks. Marvelous things…cats.