Thursday, May 08, 2003's been a while since I posted. Had a mean cold, that triggered some other nasty things, but I'm finally feeling better. In the midst of that, life keeps moving, and pretty fast too - whether I want it to or not. As they say, Time waits for no man, nor for this woman either. Baseball season has started in earnest, and the youngest here is a "rookie". His first time, and he's really enjoying it. I must admit that despite schedules (2 kids with assorted activites: karate, scouts, baseball, MCAS tutorials, church fellowship) and weird dinner hours; It's been fun to get out and see people again. Nothing bonds you more than swatting bugs and cheering for your kids together. That and the combined "No!s", in the response to ..."Can we pleeease go to the ice cream truck?"

This baseball season has also given me the opporunity to see more of Dracut. I thought I knew where all the athletic fields were, from soccer days. Of course, baseball is different, and in searching the 5 year old map of the town's fields, I started to feel lost again. Rowe 1? AND Rowe 2? Hovey? What is Hovey? Ahh, now I see, if the "Rowe's" were only described as being.'kinda near field 1 1/2 (another fun name), then I'd have a clue. Or, if I was told, "near ...'The Rock' ". Everyone knows where "The Rock" is. (near the Ice Cream Truck) And Hovey...yes, that mysterious ball field across from Hannaford's. I never knew who played there, I thought it was some sort of exclusive league. And...*drumroll*...they have bleachers. Or so I'm told. I missed last Saturday's game. To me, it's like..going to the show...the big time... oooohhhhhh Hovey. Parking looks tough though. *Sigh*. Anyway, that's it for now, see you at the fields.