Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The Name Game

I have a few friends that have named their first born sons after the father in the family. This is a grand and glorious tradition, that I can’t find much fault with. Except… well... when a conversation like this takes place at our dinner table. It gets soo Abbott and Costello, it’s ridiculous.

Son: “So, you were at Mike and Mark’s house last night, what are they up to”? Me: “Oh not much, aggravating their parents - same as you guys”. Son: “Oh very funny Mom”. Me: “Besides, I was really there to visit with their mom and dad”. Husband: “Oh how are they doing? Is Mike’s CD available yet“? (Mike, the dad, is a musician). Me: “No, but he’ll get more copies soon”. Son: “Mike sings? I thought he was an artist”. Me: “No, that’s his brother Mark, and anyway, I was talking about Mike the dad, not Mike the son” Confused looks all around the table for a moment. Me: “And he plays bass”. Silence. Husband: “So…Mark is an artist? I thought he played volleyball”. Me: “No, that’s Mark the dad, not Mark the son, and we’re not even talkING ABOUT THE SAME FAMILY!” Family’s mouths are agape, as my voice has shrilly risen several octaves. Me: (sinking head in hands) “I don’t even know what I’m talking about”.
************Two Weeks Later*********
Son: So, you went to Mark and Matt’s house last night, how they doing? Me: (glaring) “Don’t even start with me Buster”. Son: “But… all I said was..”. Husband: “Shhhh…”.

Monday, October 14, 2002

What a beautiful day - I think it's about 50 degrees right now. We were supposed to go to the Broken Wheel Farm, but that'll have to wait till next week. It's getting pretty chilly, which I'm not used to. It wasn't even this cold at the top of Loon Mountain last weekend! Speaking of Loon Mountain, rumor is, that a bear was seen walking down the street. Yes, a big black bear was spotted outside Peg's Family Restaurant at 6:30AM. Weird. I can't confirm nor deny this, but I'll tell you, that's one animal I'm not going to worry if they like me or not! : )
Until next time.