Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Yes, coming back here to write of things that need to be written about. Poorly - mostly likely.

Ack -- can't believe I haven't written here for several weeks. But then, that's me lately, isn't it? I haven't been a regular blogger in some time, have I. Much to say, but too much guilt and not enough time for a proper post. Excuses, really, but that's what I'm offering up for the moment.

So, spurts and squirts --

Christmas - beautiful roast beef from Lowell Provision, pricey but real damn tasty. Stayed up too late on Christmas Eve - but we had fun. Family all arriving for either brunch or dinner on the big day, and it was good.

Beloved presents of note: Master Chief Helmet for Tom. It does nothing whatsoever but look bloody cool. The Godfather, Animal House, and other neat DVDs for Mike. Some time to relax for me. (plus some nice perfume, books, movies and REI socks for me). Eddie Bauer sweaters and jeans for Dave.

And...a Cuisninart DC 1200 for the whole family! OK, it's really for me. : )