Thursday, May 29, 2003

A Day in MY Life

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(But only if you're very talented at keeping two things open at once - I can't seem to do it. Gotta find a midi to play right'll get the gist of it)

Got report cards today, Oh boy
but these lucky kids, they got good grades

They ask for Ice Cream, want it bad
Well I had no dough -
So we couldn't go.

They settle down with PS2
They didn't notice, that I cleaned the floor
A mess was made, it's just my luck

They'd seen my look before
But they weren't really sure
If they really were going to be Dead D--u-c-k---s!!!

I got some bills today, ohh crap.
Amex,Visa, and Victoria's too,
My closet's crowded, this I know

And nothing fits me right
can only go out at night

I'd love to r--u--nn a--wa----yyy!

Wake up - get out of bed
trip on a toy, fall on my head

Find my way downstairs,
but no clean cups

And looking up, I see that kids are late.

Lunches, coats, baseball caps
make the bus in seconds flat

Crawl back upstairs, to clean or sleep?
The phone rings, a telemarketer creep


I read the news today, Oh no,
Four thousand potholes up on 18th street

And though the holes are rather small
The Town will count them all

No one really knows how long it'll take
but they'll have a ball!

I'd love to vol---un--teer!!!
I recently wrote about cleaning, and realized I’d have to do some Spring Cleaning here on the computer as well. I started going through my favorites/book-mark folder, and must admit I lost count of what’s in there. I know I don’t need all of that! So, with your indulgence, I’ll weed it out.

Well the site Images from Japan is from a 2nd grade project this year, guess that can get the heave-ho, the big “D”. Hmm, what else? Well, the Reagan Home page (Yes, that Reagan) came in pretty handy when I was writing about the Columbia shuttle, but I don’t need to save it. OK, that gets deleted too. Ooh, what’s this - that Mad Cow thing, that was pretty funny. Vulgar but funny. Gotta save it for when I need a giggle.

Well, no surprise there’s a few Martial Art sites, like the one done by Jaz, the Hawaiian Jujitsu stylist that I met in Sacramento. His site is (or was) a kick -- no pun intended! I guess he’s into music pretty heavily as he runs a recording studio somewhere on the Big Island. But the site seems to be unavailable, so it’s getting dumped too. A few other M/A sites are more for research for an article I want to write. They should stay, at least to remind me that of that back burner project

Ooh… Jackpot! My entire stockpile of neato cool writing sites. No, none of them should go, absolutely not. Hmm, well this eZine rejected me; do I really want that reminder? Ditto for this next one, and then those other folks never got back to me; damn this is depressing! *Sigh*. OK, next on the list...I know this site is neat, it’s got all these cool jobs listed, and all I need to do is send a resume and some clips. Problem is, the resume is a little … out of date, *mumble* from 1994.

Moving on - let’s see, what’s left in this very mixed bag of tricks. Need to keep my translation site, that’s proven invaluable. Ooh, this next one is great. It’s a collection of urban legends and Internet hoaxes. Talk about invaluable! I don’t know how many times, my well-meaning but misguided friends email me these…I don’t know what you call them…things. These emails that involve either promised $ from Bill Gates, pen pal pleas from a dying boy in Botswana, and the scares of viruses that require you to ditch your whole operating system, just to stamp out a little worm. I guess it’s the modern version of ‘Daddy get the axe - there’s a fly on Baby’s head’.

Rounding out the collection are some Holocaust sites; more research for yet another back burner writing project. Man I better get a bigger stove, I need a lot more back burners! OR -- shudder -- start working. Oh that IS scary, time for a break. Wonder what’s on TV? Ah, but no worries, I got TV Guide Online saved right here!