Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This news came to my attention thanks to Aaman from

Spammer killed in Russia

Let this be a lesson to all ye spamming whippersnappers out there!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Vacation Yay's and Nay's

Yay to -- Suntan.

Nay to -- Sunburn : (

Nay to -- Packrat tendencies. So much stuff, so little time. (this for my new basement, where to put all the stuff?)

Nay to -- Spiderwebs. Oh, and the spiders too.

Yay to -- The Cape Playhouse's, (in beautiful Dennis, MA) production of No, No, Nannette.

Yay to -- The talented, and very gracious cast of No, No, Nannette, including Mr. Fred Willard (Anchorman, American Wedding, A Mighty Wind, Everyboyd Loves Raymond, Roseanne, Fernwood 2Night) who took the time to talk with my son, and autograph his playbill.

Nay to -- Feeling 'thick'

Nay to -- PS2

Yay to -- the local liquor store that seems to be always having 'tasting' nights.

Yay to -- a cute little black convertible. Which brings us back to the whole, 'being in the sun' thing. Good time to end.