Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well - I've been a busy gurl and have not been here to update much at all. A kind of cool thing that happened a couple weeks ago was that I was named Blogcritic of the Day. I don't remember exactly what day that was, I think the weekend of February 18th. Every couple of days a new Blogcritic is named, and we are urged to visit their home blogs and "pay homage". Kind of funny, yes? Funny but a nice honor.

The current Blogcritic of the Day is Jeff Kouba, he also happens to blog on the Fox show 24, just like I do. Our Blogcritics postings are linked together, along with any other BCers that wax so eloquently on the doings of Jack Bauer and Friends. There. I was going to throw my last two 24 posts here on All About Us - but now I don't have to! Just click the above! Easy!

Hey, speaking of easy, has anyone seen that Staples commercial - part of the Easy Button series? Invading soldiers rapidly approach a very small group of Chinese nobles - and well...just go click on the above. They can 'splain better than I. Anyway, it was pretty clever. You know, they sell those Easy Buttons. We used one at church, for a family game night. I'm trying to remember what it says, I think something like, "Now that was easy". Hey, it makes me laugh. What can I say.