Thursday, April 07, 2011

No Agenda

Awesome pre-game warm up viewing
OK - here I am. It's been a while. I've been a slug about writing. A slug I tell you! But I haven't been a slug in real life. Most of March has been chock full of stuff. There have been doctor appointments for the princes (this is the norm, anyway), dental appointments, a fund-raising event for the Liver Foundation, a concert, a night out with brother and GF, another Liver event (working a water stop for a training run), a Celtics game (courtesy of Make-A-Wish)...
Dropkick Murphys Concert

Oh, and OF COURSE, the birthdays! Three birthdays just in our wee family, which meant shopping and restaurant a-going. Except for me, I opted to stay in and have takeout from the delicious Blue Taleh. And then we did it again with the extended family, for there are THREE MORE March birthdays. More shopping and one more restaurant meal.

And Tom was ill a couple times during the month. Not much to say about that. Wait and see, wait and see.

Here's a random thought -

Two-Bit, - grooming The Young Prince.
Children and pets. What we love and even admire about them, is their unabashed manner of asking for what they want. When they want food, it's obvious, when they want to go out, they ask, over and over and over - again.

And when they want love? They just take! They know will not be denied. And we love that! How did things change to put us adults into a more coy, aloof, polite mode of living? OK the polite thing has a place. Discretion and tact are necessary.

But really, wouldn't it be great for us to all act more like children and animals? Private toileting aside, there are many virtues that I think we are missing out on here. 

So this post had no real agenda, just a catch up for my legions of followers. Stop laughing!

Take care and I WILL be back.