Friday, July 17, 2009

Making My Wish

A few weeks ago we learned that Tom was going to be eligible for a wish from the Mass. chapter of the Make-a-Wish foundation. He has not formulated his wish yet, but he's meeting with his "Wish Team" next week, and I imagine it should be interesting.

And the whole fantasy granting process has always been something folks indulge in - as a day-dreaming exercise. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings? If you had a Fairy Godmother, what would you have her provide? When I was a kid we used to just riff on the "how would you spend a night if locked in the Burlington Mall?" theme. (Who knew that Kevin James aka Paul Blart would be able to answer that one?)

As Tom's illness has progressed, many family members and friends have offered help. Much of the time I appreciated the offers, but didn't know what to ask for. Clueless! I'm not crazy about other people interacting with my laundry, and it seems silly to ask someone to remind us to get the oil changed in our vehicles. But it does open up the fantasy floodgates.

I'd like a personal secretary/assistant. Not only to remind us to get the oil changed, maybe to take the vehicles themselves to our mechanics and get it done (and it's a fantasy, so the assistant can pay for it too). I'd also like a pedicure. The beautician/manicurist shouldn't mind a little nail fungus, I'm hoping. Ideally the assistant would have already driven me to my podiatrist to renew the scrip for the fungal stuff that I should have taken care of a year ago.

Personal Trainer...yeah, that's the ticket. I have not been to karate since late May or early June, because of Tom being in the hospital, or us being on vacation, or just being overwhelmed with life and forgetting how to put one foot in front of the other. Fat rolls have given birth to new rolls. Ugh. But with my desire to work out comes the fact that I can't right now, due to the funky bizarre knife wound. I'd love for the trainer to also be a cook and nutritionist. I'd reallllly love for someone to recreate the goodness that is "The Swami", a brown rice vegan affair that is at the top of my list as my go-to take out food.

Now back to that assistant. Maybe he or she is fully magical like Mary Poppins, or maybe they have that snarky sensibility that comes with the head wag and the "Oh no girl-friend, you are NOT wearing that outfit in public" type shtick, but either way - being financially savvy would be a real plus. The paperwork is a pain. Seriously.

Oh, and they need to re-order the enteral feeding supplies for Tom too. Make it snappy!