Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Adam is leaving us. I feel like I've been kicked in the gut. No pun intended. Adam V. has been my man since... forever.

Foxboro Stadium - 1996, Bill Parcells was head coach, Drew Bledsoe was first string QB. One of those newbie expansion teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, were playing at New England.This was my first Pats game in about eight years; I was excited, and having a great time. I didn't care so much who won, I was just having fun out with adults. It became quite cloudy and started to drizzle during the game. By the 4th quarter it was pouring rain. I wasn't having so much fun anymore. Even the close score didn't matter to me. I wanted to go home - wah!

Yes, I'm a bit of a wuss. Anyway, the score was so close, the game went into overtime. I didn't care WHO was winning, I was soaked! Next thing I knew, Adam was lining up for a field goal, kicked it - and wham - Game over N.E. 28, Jacksonville 25. Done. Thank YOU Adam!

As the years passed, I began to pay more attention to the game and the team and saw that Adam was actually an incredible player! Soon I was at the pro shop buying my #4. Cool. He's saved our collective asses on more than one occasion and I wore my jersey proudly.

And now, he's off to be a Colt. Drats. 'Course, that's not what I said last night when I heard this. But even so, not much we can do about it except wish him well and thank him for all he's done for New England.

Thank You Adam!