Monday, May 08, 2006


1. “Run Shadowfax. Show us the meaning of haste”

This one wasn't too hard - from the last of the LOTR trilogy, The King Returns. This is what Gandalf commanded of his loyal horse, Shadowfax. Of course our friend Eowyn pegged this one. If she hadn't - well I would have had to knock some sense into the poor dear. : )

2. "She's so sexy. Look at her body language. All verbs!"

Infatuation at its best as Jason Biggs refers to Christina Ricci's character (and body) in Woody Allen's Anything Else. (2003)

3. "You know, one of these days, you might want to consider sitting down with someone. You know, have a little share time? Get in touch with your inner child? Also, you just might want to consider blinking once in a while."

A super pairing of the comedic genius of Ryan Reynolds with stoic hero Wesley Snipes in Blade: Trinity (2004) They both kicked ass, along with Jessica Biel against the likes of Parker Posey, WWE's Triple H, and Dominic Purcell. IMO, Reynolds stole the show.

4. "Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans!"

There's Something About Mary - Of course!

5. "Oh, no no no no. Dead broad OFF the table!"

Yes, Eowyn, 2004's Shrek 2

6. "Doesn't anybody notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"

She does it again, right again Eowyn, Will Ferrell was crazy enough protraying the bitchy, evil fashion designer, Mugatu from the 2001 Ben Stiller comedy, Zoolander. (You really should see this. We'll do a movie night!)

7. "Welcome to Earth!"

Yup, line delivered with mucho 'tude by the awesome Will Smith in Independence Day. (1996). Smith, as U.S. Airforce pilot Captain Steve Hiller. He has shot down an alien space ship, bailed out of his own plane before it crashed, and was so pissed off that once he approached the alien spacecraft, that he punched out the alien creature as his own special 'welcome'.

8. "They all have husbands and wives and children and houses and dogs, and, you know, they've all made themselves a part of something and they can talk about what they do. What am I gonna say? "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?"

I never tired 1997's Grosse Pointe Blank. John Cusak, who is one of my favorite actors, portrays hitman Martin Q. Blank. Martin is 'splaining his reticence in attending his high school reunion. Yeah, he has a good point.

9. "And that's what she is, the Queen of Refuse. So bow down to her if you want, bow to her. Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Slime. Muck. Boo. Boo. Boo."

Definitely a classic, The Princess Bride is tops in writing, acting, and directing.

10. "If I'm curt with you, it's because time is a factor here. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you guys to act fast if you want to get out of this. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the fucking car."

From a classic of a different sort, Pulp Fiction had some of the best dialogue in a movie. Ever.