Sunday, June 26, 2005

Today I am reminded of our lasting search for the Good. If it's the same search for Humanity, I do not know. We need some good guys. We crave either an idol or a leader, or just a touchstone for good karma.

We might find the Good in Randall Raines, hopefully retired car thief. In Gone in 60 Seconds, Nicholas Cage plays an endearing crook, a baddie, but only on the outside. Inside is the protective older brother, making a deal with the devil to save his little brother Kip's (the excellent Giovanni Ribisi) ass. (Kip's soul is intact, but his brain took a vacay).

Anyway, Randall 'Memphis' Raines decided to quit 'the life'. And live on this side of the law for a change. Lil bro Kip keeps up the family name, and then goes too far by making deals with a super baddie, un uber-baddie, a Sith Lord of car thievery - Raymond Vincent Calitri (Christopher Eccleston). Kip screws something or another up, and Calitri is incensed and well, next thing ya know, Memphis and friends have to come up with 50 special stolen cars by Friday. Yes, this Friday. Yes, real nice fancy cars. Real tough stuff to find. So, rent the movie, and enjoy, but note how Memphis keeps sight of what's important, and even makes nice with the detective (Delroy Lindo) who's been on his tail, for like...forever.

More to come on this Search for the Good.
MS Bike Tours - Something my husband is doing this weekend. Two day ride, 75 miles each day. He has done the Pan-Mass Challenge for the last 3 years, but decided to switch organizations this year. He's now into his second day, and will end the ride in Provincetown, MA. If anyone is interested in sponsoring, let me know