Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saving Grace

I'm going to save a scrap of paper. Silly idea? Maybe. I save way too much as it is, even unintentionally. I just cleaned out my old purse and found all manner of trash, scraps and wrappers and crumpled tissues.

But I think I need to hold onto this wrinkled Burger King receipt, and here's why: Recently I was at the mall with the two Princes. We were exchanging Christmas gifts and spending new gift cards, you know, the typical post-holiday activities. We were at the food court Burger King, and I had just ordered a meal for Tom. While I was waiting for the food, a girl was ordering french fries from the dollar menu. She was a bit surprised when the total came to $1.09. The BK employee reminded her about food tax. "Oh, OK, sure." But since she only had the dollar bill, she was calling to her companion to bring her purse so she could get the extra pennies needed. 

She hollered over a few times, and the friend either did not hear her, or was just too slow. A bit of a line was growing behind her. A little voice inside me said that maybe I could just hand over the nine cents, and move things along. But a moment passed by and the friend was not responding. So eventually (like 30 seconds) I did respond to my inner voice and gave the girl the nine cents. She was grateful and I imagine, so was the BK guy, and everything moved along. Then when they called the number for my order, I looked down at my slip to confirm.


Yeah, that's right 109, like ONE dollar and NINE cents, like $1.09.

OK, OK, I didn't cure cancer or save the world from nuclear terror (like my old pal Jack Bauer) - it wasn't the most noble or generous of gestures, but the confirming truth of what happen hit me anyway.

Listen to that still small voice inside. It may not direct you to cure cancer or save the world, but  grace will abound from unexpected sources and circumstances. Share it, and you will save more than you can imagine.