Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Finally! *Whew* I've finally finished my first draft of my chapter for "Life in the United States". I sent my editor the text, even a few days ahead of deadline. I'm hoping there won't be too many revisions needed, but I'm ready to deal with what comes. It's been fun, and I got to throw around phrases like..."Networks sprang from the 1969 orginal four-host configuration to a group of 62 hosts in 1974". and "a truth of the Internet is that sometimes links go bad, and sites can fade away." Or, how about this gem, "directory search tools which work differently, are compiled by humans and more resemble a books Table of Contents..." Ahh yes, literary genious, oui? Sshh, no laughing.

Well, at least it's done, and now I have a couple other leads to follow up on to keep me busy.

That's it for now!