Monday, November 25, 2002

Stuff on My Mind

I plain just don’t get this one. The significance of sneakers looped over a power line. I don’t see any connection with a major holiday, such as egging a house for Halloween, or toilet papering someone’s tree’s for… well for whatever reason. I wonder if we research footwear, maybe there’ll be some strange historical trivia that’ll explain it all. Maybe someone thought a pair of Air Jordan’s were literally meant to fly through the air, and land on a phone line? But if they were Keds? What about Sketchers? I’ll need help on this one.

How about lead. Anyone who’s rented, purchased, sold, or lived in a dwelling has faced the ‘lead paint question’. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat paint chips as a child, but evidently enough children did to make this an important issue in real estate. And rightly so, it’s been proven to cause some nasty things. Enough said. More recently, pediatricians are warning of candles made with lead wicks. Who knew? So, now I’ve gone through all my candles to ensure that they aren’t emitting lead into the air my family breathes. OK.
But in crystal, lead’s a good thing? Don’t get me wrong…if it’s pretty, I want it. But why is lead ok in stuff we drink out of, but not paint and wicks. No, I’m not asking for a chemist to answer this, it’s more of a rhetorical thing.

This one is just dumb. “All employees are required to wash hands before returning to work” Can you say “No Brainer”? But what keeps running through my mind is the unwritten part of this familiar sign. “But it’s cool for all you patrons/customers/clients to run willy-nilly through this place of business with germs aplenty on your person - Go for it!”

And this, just makes me mad. Some smart-a** parks their pretty new vehicle on a diagonal - taking up two (or more) parking spaces. Yes, we all know the pain of that first scratch or ding in a brand new car. One of those moments, less than stellar, that make up our lives: A cavity found during a dental check up, the dental check ups themselves, doing taxes, cleaning gutters, and - the first scratch. Everyone has to go through it. You try to avoid it, of course, but it’s like those taxes, it’s inevitable. So grow up already, and stop being so freakin’ selfish!

I’m wondering if this looks like I have too much time on my hands. No, just too much Stuff on My Mind. Till next time.