Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off the top of my head –


A mix CD of mine was stolen over the weekend. I can re-create it easily enough – well not that easily. I don’t remember the order that the songs are in, but I should have all the songs still in me sweet little library. So, the loss of the CD is not so horrible. But still that was a little piece of me. Or, hmm – let’s see – 12 or so tracks, more like 12 little pieces of me. And someone stole it. The fu%*er.

Of course, they also made off with a couple of my son’s PS2 games. Now, there’s about $100.00 right there. And neither games nor CD should have been left outside the cabin of the campground we where in. But – there ya go, that’s the way it was.

Luckily I have not had a lot stolen from me. Not even my innocence. (It was given away with pleasure, mixed with a little guilt – of course) But it’s happened to people in my family. Houses, garages, vehicles, that sort of thing. What a lousy feeling. Someone poked around your stuff and decided what was valuable and what wasn’t. And what does that even mean? Would we be a little insulted if someone didn’t take our stereo or plasma?

“What, this isn’t good enough Mr. Thief? Just because I got it as a half price floor model, is no reason to get all snooty. My stuff is JUST as good as the neighbors!”


Loved watching Conan making his way through the sets of the ‘biggies’ like Lost, House, 24 even South Park. Very clever stuff.

Barry Manilow looked like he was in pain. Not talking about the poor hips that were to be fixed up – but his face. There wasn’t a visual resemblance, yet I keep thinking of Jack Nicholson’s version of The Joker in Batman. The whole grimace thing.

Anything is more fun when Kareem is there.

Kate Jackson was eloquent – but I kept getting distracted by her bone structure. Farrah did OK too, she seemed much more lucid than she did on the William Shatner roast (Comedy Central). Oy!

I can’t remember who she was – but one of the presenters, though very beautiful, well - something was awry. She had long pointy eyelashes that looked like they needed to be registered with the L.A. police department. Fairly scary, those.


I don’t think any stone was left unturned that night. Nothing was taboo. If anyone didn’t already hear the news that George Takei (Ensign Sulu) was gay, then it was drilled into them that night. (Wait – no, not like that). Ditto for Andy Dick. What a night! What laughs! What jabs! Ouch!


Whoever said that (paraphrasing) they didn’t understand why cereal boxes were SO freakin’ hard to open – yet light bulbs are packaged in lightweight cardboard, with cutouts! – Anyway – so true!