Monday, November 28, 2005

I knew this would happen, its always the same way. Soon after (or even before) Thanksgiving is done, then on go the Christmas decorations here and far. Oh, but this has a way of being depressing. "Its too rushed" , I say. "It ruins the mood", I also say. I go through these complaints and whining every year, I moan about the over commercialism this, and the frantic schedule that -- and it could have a way of really wearing a person down. And I don't' mean the person on the other end of all my bitching and venting! But yeah, them too!

I'm wrapping up an article on Christmas, so I've had all these things on my mind even earlier than usual. But what the crux of my article is about - finding what really is significant behind our holidays -- buzzes in my mind like a cheerful but persistent goody-two-shoes. Remember the movie Animal House? When Pinto has the girl in his room, and is getting advice from his conscience? The Devil saying...."F#*k her! And the angel ...Well, saying not to.

I keep hearing the angel (how fitting) telling me.."Remember the good!" The angel also says, "remember the Alamo", but that I don't' quite get. But really, I have this voice in my head, reminding me that there is something wonderful coming. OK VOICE --You got a good point there! I get it! I'll try to be of good Cheer!

So, voice not withstanding, I continue bravely into the fray of the holiday season. (cripes, my wording isn't exactly sweetness and light is it? 'bravely'? 'into the fray'? Could I be any more, pessimistic?

Anyway, today I wasn't in the best mood when I was out on errands, but I swear this did NOT color my reactions to what I saw.

There's a new decoration in town kids. Yep, right here in River City. You probably have seen these fancy huge blow up type things that have been popular the last few years. They have pumpkins, witches, turkeys, Snowmen, elves, the works. Sadly they don't work so well for the condo set. Anyway...

There's this twist on the blow up decoration. One word: SnowGlobe. OK maybe that's two words, sorta. But really, there are now these big blow up snowglobe thingies. Yeah, exactly! It's some sort of holiday figure, with a HUGE (plastic I guess) sphere, and real stuff blowing around inside. I'm pretty sure it's not real snow.

Today I saw three of them.

It's really pretty amazing, but immediately I knew I would never EVER get one.

Too expensive? I don't know. Too gaudy? Ah, maybe, but it IS pretty cute.

Perhaps, toooooo trendy?


Yeah, I'm weird like that. If everyone else has one, I develop an immediate distaste for it. Maybe I'm just jealous because I didn't think of it first. Could be. I'm not sure. All I know is that why do I want to copy someone else? Why do I want to do the cookie cutter thing? ::Shiver:::. Remember those outdoor Christmas lights that give a sort of icicle effect? You affix them so they hang off the edge of the roof. Sort of neat looking, but once I saw more than one display, I made the mental note to not include it in any sort of holiday decorating theme EVER in my lifetime. EVER.

Kind of funny, especially if you know me and have been to my house. Yeah, I do follow fashion somewhat. I have hung on the coattails of some sort of decorating trend or another. My clothes are not terribly outdated. I have a DVD, MP3, GPS... I buy brand names. I wear Eddie Bauer and Victoria's Secret. I have not yet uttered, "that's how I roll", and now that I typed it, it's just too silly, but I try like heck to keep up.

Just not with the Joneses.