Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some Good News!

A while back I had posted a request from a musician (and personal friend). He was asking for CD buyers to be mindful of how the purchase of Cosmic Orgasm would be linked to Red Cross donations.

Here are the results of that fundraising effort.

"Last night the donation program came to a close andthe funds raised were sent directly to the Red CrossDisaster Relief Fund thru their local Portland Oregonbranch. In the end, it raised a total of $165,060 overthe last seven weeks! Cd Baby also donated $40,000 oftheir own! For a Grand Total of $205,060!!! Thank Youto the customers, artists, and Cd Baby! Peace, Aaron"Spaceman Spliff" "

Good Stuff, eh?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

So so so, yes I know. It's been too long and time has gone on ...and on.
It's with heavy heart that I must confess -
Life has been a bit of a mess.

Nothing drastic, nothing vile -
Just the usual stuff that happens to most
Kind of consumes us for a while.

Then please continue, go on about your life
See, I'm here! Despite the strife.
And just in case you wondered, or cared

Poetry ain't my strong suit
Really just did it -- on a dare.