Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Other People's Stuff

I've been reading some other blogs lately, and feel immediately jealous, yet still inspired...and grateful.

A colleague of mine, Lisa McKay, has been posting some yummy sounding bits on Facebook about what she's making for dinner. She is a former executive editor over at Blogcritics but now she's writing more about food and gardening. How wonderful! Not that writing about current affairs or the latest TV show is a bad thing at all, but I love the flair she brings to something simple.

Blossoms in Waterford
Another blog I just started reading is something called Moments of Perfect Clarity. The author knows stuff about sewing and is a quilter, which initially would - well not exactly turn me off - but not excite me so much either. But that's OK. She has some very gorgeous photography that's worth checking out, and her posts are actually quite interesting. She's an expat living currently in Denmark, and she seems to enjoy shopping, decorating, and railing at life's inequities. Works for me! Oh, and I'm definitely inspired to add more of my own photos to this blog as well, like this picture of orphaned flower blossoms that fell of the stalks. But they got a second chance to shine while in my Waterford sugar bowl.

Another blog that's wicked cool (as we say here in New England) is Face to the Sunshine. Miss Sunshine is a personal friend that I met in karate class some years back. Although she was always very pleasant, I didn't think we had that much in common at first. Miss S. was a homeschooling mom, something that I could never imagine doing. Not just the challenge of keeping up with the curriculum, but the challenge of spending THAT much time with my kids. Of course, I spend a lot of time with them anyway, but the homeschooling concept, though a great plan for many families, kind of gave me the willies. Anyway, Miss S. proved to be a great friend, a fantastic friend, a fun friend. And we have LOTS in common, besides a love of karate. Coffee, chocolate, good writing (and she's quite a good writer), exploring...and much more. Her blog is a general "slice-of-life" type affair, and very well done.

Well, that's it for now. Must clean, do laundry, the usual. But all are healthy, so it's a good day.


julochka said...

thank you for including me here...tho' i'm a little puzzled about that you perceive me to enjoy shopping first and i haven't written about shopping in ages. i'm always curious as to what people see in what i write. :-) i guess somehow it's shopping! :-)

Mary K. Williams said...

Ha, I know what you meant. I must have been reading some of your older posts and grabbed on to that idea. Maybe it was the bit about the Wishbone Chairs? Anyway, carry on!