Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crooked Cookbooks!

There’s something that gives me a little weird tingle – right here in my kitchen. It’s the sight of one of my Pampered Chef cookbooks – complete with Doris Christopher’s happy shiny visage – placed in the row of books – upside down. It’s a simple thing, and I could fix it in an instant. But it gives me the strange perverse combination of chilling and comical.

We all know the connotation of an upside down cross, or an upside flag. Thoughts of loss, chaos, evil or distress come to mind. But a cookbook? Well unless it’s some sort of item like How to Serve Man, or The Anarchists Cookbook, then cookbooks are fairly innocuous, right? So it really just makes me laugh, but it kind of creeps me out too.

Weird, I know.

So, as I ponder this week – it happens to be crazy full of stuff – the age old challenge “what can I make for dinner?” weighs on me. Then I remember my upside down Doris – and realize that the cookbook in question is Busy Moms Cookbook.

I’m thinking I better right her up immediately and start cooking!