Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Remember Dave? That nice guy, portrayed by Kevin Kline in the movie of the same name. (“Dave” that is, not “Remember Dave”). Dave ran a small employment agency, and he was all into supporting his temps, cheering them on, building them up. Dave also moonlighted occasionally as a ‘celebrity double’ for the current US president, because of the amazing resemblance between the two of them.

When the real president had a stroke, the staff brought in Dave, to pretend to be the Prez, so the country wouldn’t be thrown into chaos. Or something like that.

Anyway, this being a movie and all, Dave made a great president. He was fair, decisive, and above all, honest.

The point is, where are all the Dave’s (or Donna’s for that matter)?

Why can’t there be candidates for office that are fair, decisive, and above all, honest?

If there IS someone already in office that fits, or at least tries to fit, that description, why must others work hard to get them out of office?

This is not a piece about FOR someone or AGAINST someone else. But how many times have you heard someone going to the polls say: “Well, I don’t like Jones, but I hate Smith, so I’m voting for Jones.”

Hmm, I have an idea, Kevin Kline is a decent actor, maybe he can be on a write-in ballot, as a presidential candidate. He can represent the “Dave” party. And Ben Kingsley would make a heck of a Vice President. Remember Gandhi?

Here’s another, how about Bill Belichick for the top job? He can hire folks like Charlie Weis, and Romeo Crennel, if it works on the field, why not on the Beltway? Bingo!

I know life can’t always be a ‘feel-good’ movie, but c’mon, where is Dave?