Friday, June 01, 2012

Tiny Steps - Big Dreams

Well...right. I've been away. Not "away" like have my face done or removing an extra appendage or anything like that - just been very caught up in other things. I've been writing, yes, but not blogging. Nor have I been giving any love to Driving Home...*sigh*.

But still, I have been writing and keeping busy with other freelancing projects.

And of course, playing the role of Mom. Sometimes it's The Witty and Patient Mom, sometimes it's Mom - the Sleepy, Cranky, and Rather Pathetic Person Behind the Coffee Pot, and mostly it's Mom - the Absent-Minded Chauffeur

Speaking of Mom roles, during the week before Mother's Day, I was in a well stocked garden center, looking for a particular kind of ceramic hanging planter for my MIL. We've been looking since Christmas, and luckily this day I found exactly what I was looking for.

Then I found something totally different - tiny gardens! This place had a display of mini plants and several types of terrariums and mini-conservatories. I was really enchanted with the whole concept, but I didn't feel like it was the right time to indulge myself.

However, several days later I remembered this display, and gave it as a suggestion for a mother's day gift.  So, Mom's day came and went, and that whole affair is the subject of another blog, but I did receive a gift certificate the garden center and today I finally went there and picked out some nice items. Which I will show you in a second.

But as an interesting aside, I offer up the blog of friend, colleague and author, Connie Phillips. During the last couple of weeks, I have been a combination of ill and very busy. But I managed to peek on Facebook now and then. A couple of times I noticed Connie's status update with a link to her blog, and some sort of mention of Fairy Gardens.

This wasn't a total surprise. I knew that Connie had an affinity for the wee sprites and friendly fantastical creatures known as fairies. I also knew that Connie had recently accomplished a wonderful goal - she was going to have a book published! Her paranormal romance Fairyproof had just been contracted by Crescent Moon Press, and this was so exciting to hear. Especially since I had read some of the first chapters, I felt that little bit more of a connection.

And today, as I was oohing and awwing over the sweet little garden accoutrements, the gardening guru employee noted, "oh that's for Fairy Gardens." 

It's funny though, the synchronicity that moves through our lives. In the last few weeks I had scoured the internet - looking for images of conservatories or Wardian cases. I found some very gorgeous and inspiring stuff.  Anyway, all those dreams of creating something cool and new and adorable somehow helped me in other ways.

 Although right now I'm going in a different direction than Connie with my writing, I still get the same kick out of just plain creation, that she, and many more of us do. So, I've recommitted myself to a writing class, and although it's SO slow going, it is going!

Tiny Steps.

 And now, here is a tiny garden for whatever fairies/muses want to stop by