Thursday, June 09, 2005

Six Feet Under

I finally realized the new season started, so on went HBO on Demand.

Episode 1 "A Coat of White Primer"

Could it be any more sad?

Frances Conroy's portrayal of the usually optimistic Widow Fisher is a work in subtlety. While Ruth's frustration with George's psychosis and depression is visceral, Conroy doesn't resort to grimacing with impending headaches. Nor does her pain manifest in acid burned stomach ulcers. Yet you feel it. You feel it in the set of her jaw, and the slight slump in her posture. Her voice is tighter, a little bit more shrill. Her pain so incredibly evident when you look in her eyes. Its all there. Exhaustion, disbelief and sadness. What strength though.

When she is confronted with the Dr.'s idea to release George on a particular evening, Ruth can't believe she's hearing him right. The man had endured ECT - more than once - and was physically and emotionally tattered. The Dr. is discussing waking George from a much needed sleep, and packing him off. Ruth outright refuses this proposal, astounded that the idea was even broached.

Major dopeslap to the Doc.

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