Monday, June 06, 2005

No Agenda

Just coming on here to post stream of consciousness stuff today. The Fab Five are going to take on the Boston Red Sox. TV Guide had a shot of Johnny Damon getting his hair cut and other such niceties. Cool.

Our basement is being finished off. We are still waiting for the 'mud' to dry, but the heating is all in place, which should aid that. We finally picked out the rest of the flooring, making more decisions and spending more money. Whew.

A demonstration was held today in front of a local middle school. The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas has been sending hate filled pamphlets to our town to protest an essay winner at the middle school. This child wrote an essay on Ellen DeGeneres for a contest about Women in History. Somehow this group in Kansas picked up on this non-news item, and decided a 12 year old student and the teachers and staff of Englesby [School] would all be perfect targets for some nonsense about devils and going to hell. Yeah this is the same lovely group under Fred Phelps that demonstrated at Matthew Shepherd's funeral. I did not attend today's demonstration, I had actually got involved in something else and forgot about it! In a way it's just as well, I don't need to see the hate-mongers up close. An area church had a sign with a wonderful sentiment, which I'll paraphrase, cuz I can't remember the exact quote. Something like..."We encourage the Separation of Church and Hate". Beautiful!

I'm going to make chicken tenders again. I hate the cutting and so forth, but they come out so good. Yum.


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