Friday, June 10, 2005

My version of Cheers and Jeers - Yay and Nay -


Yay to - The sublime voice of Joni Mitchell, especially her contribution on The Wide World Over, by The Chieftans. (RCA Records) Actually I love just about all the tracks, but Mitchell's - sandwiched between Ricky Scagg's "Cotton-Eyed-Joe" and good drinking melodies on "Live From Matt Molloy's Pub" is the wonderfuly haunted song, "The Magdalene Laundries". This tune, which tells tales of virtual enslavement of young women in Irish Convents, is done soulful justice to by Mitchell. As an FYI - she also delivers a superb performance on the Love Actually Soundtrack (J Records), with a newer arrangement of "Both Sides Now". Lovely.

Nay to - (and this in my Dennis Leary Voice- even ) - CD's that are a bitch to open, and that never stay in one piece. You have this ridiculous piece of plastic wrap over the CD, you finally figure out how to get it off in only 7 or 8 rips and tears, and then you have to contend with the super fancy security tape. And THEN - the bloody case breaks at a harsh look! I thought it was just my kids being rough with CD's or PlayStation 1 games (CD Format- unlike PS2 with a DVD style case a mini 'yay' within a 'nay') but I have broken more than I thought possible. Man!

Nay to - The myth of Spring. What happened to Spring here in New England? Rain, rain rain, now it's like August. (even thought it's only June 10). Its hot. Africa Hot.

I'll have to post more of these!

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Jim Idema said...

Ya know, HOT is relative. We in the Midwest are just as hot as New England but damn if I wouldn't give my eye teeth for it to stay that way all year long. We get so cold during the winter that no amount of down clothing can warm the chill that seems to seep to your bones and never let go....