Friday, October 25, 2002

The Glory of Fall

Look up at the sky. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? See that blue. Such an intense shade. It's so blue it hurts. Over there, that birch tree, white framed stark against sapphire. It's never looked so white before, has it?

Feel that carpet of leaves under your feet. The most colorful and abundant pattern set out for your walking pleasure. Some leaves are so bright, you wonder if they’re anticipating what they’ll become during a late afternoon bonfire. You can hear the fire in your mind. You can smell the smoke from three streets away.

You remember this morning? You thought you heard the angels giggling. You stepped out into a frosty glitter party. The grass was covered with sugar. You picked up a leaf, noticing how it sparkles in the sun. You realized people pay a lot of money for a bowl of fruit, with just this kind of look. Frosted fruit. And here, a whole lawn full of frosted leaves. Free.

A happy riot of sensations has infused our day, much like swarms of children on a chilly Halloween night. Fall begs for us to notice her beauty the way trick or treater’s beg for our candy.

Notice it all and enjoy the blessings and glory of Fall.

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