Monday, November 18, 2002

Signs of the Times

Driving through town, the signs are everywhere. You know what time of year it is not only by a calendar, or the weather, but by the signs.
“Dracut High School Craft Fair” This always promises a great shopping trip to find unique and reasonably priced items, plus catching up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.
“Hay Rides and Free Fudge” - The yells of “We want fudge!” drift over the fields as Pete drives the hay wagon of enthusiastic visitors at The Broken Wheel Farm.
“Fresh Holiday Eggnog” - You know you better get to Shaw Dairy Farm before the eggnog is gone, and don’t forget a quart of the best chocolate milk ever.
Some signs are as abundant and varied as masses of flowers. “Vote for Garry”, “Kerry in ‘02”, “Tucker for Senate”, “Tim for Treasurer”. There’s a stretch of Route 38 in Pelham, NH, that had dozens of campaign signs posted like merry wildflowers. And they were gone as quickly as they came.
Other signs are not as obvious, but are there if you know where to look. Driving past the Elm Turkey Farm last Saturday morning, I saw the row of pick-up trucks in the field next to the barn. On the other side of the building, the men were gearing up in aprons and large rubber boots. I know what time it is for the turkeys.
Too soon, there will be a line of cars on Broadway Road, waiting to get into the Post Office parking lot. A longer line still, will be streaming into the Pheasant Lane Mall parking lot. Not many will find parking spots easily.
The signs are there, it’s that time again. It all goes so quickly though, from soccer games, to homecoming dances, to Christmas caroling. When it’s over, and a long January is ahead, what do we look for then? Signs for “White Sales”, and "Tax Preparer"!

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