Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Idea, New Words

It's amazing, really, how many different ways there are to promise a man (or woman) of making a better, thicker, stronger schlong. Or the promise of more wild times in the bedroom, "make her shriek with pleasure", that sort of thing.

As you might have guessed, I was cleaning the spam lint out of my filter. That's really all spam is - just fuzzy harmless emails that - if not cleaned - tend to gum things up.

And I never realized, apparently there is a huge market for fake watches. How freakin' silly. Kind of dumb enough to go the fake purse route - why do people have to worry that much about impressing someone with a fake watch?

Does it tell fake time?

"It's time to tell yourself how damn beautiful you are."

"It's time to uncork another bottle of champagne to celebrate YOU."

"It's time to go make someone shriek with pleasure!"



Tryingtowakeup said...

I love the Smilin' Bob commercials.

Mary K. Williams said...

They are classic. Probably one of the better made commercials for any product, not just 'male enhancement'

Mat Brewster said...

China is the land of fake stuff - purses, watches, suitcases, movies, man if it is made China has found a way to make it fake.

Some stuff is great fake. I got some good clothes and bags with name brand style at Wal-Mart prices. Other stuff sucks though. The wife bought a watch and it broke like two days later. Lucky she didn't pay much for it.