Monday, February 07, 2011

Old Things

Bottles on the Shelf
What can I say about these bottles that's already been said?

You're thinking, "Wait, what? Am I supposed to know this image? Is this something from a famous exhibit that I slept through during art appreciation class?"

Not necessarily. Not at all, really. The bottles and jars to the right are just old bottles that I started collecting around 15 years ago. They are not special at all, but they still intrigue and delight me. My small collection has been augmented by my husband's cousin Ed. He too, evidently likes these old bottles as well. And he gave me some about a year ago, and well there you go. Old bottles, just sitting and making me happy.

I really love the concept of old things. Of course, I love new things, as in new technology, but the idea that an item used to belong to someone else, someone who you don't' even know...well, goodness, that's just too cool!

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