Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh the Irony

Or the timing. Or the ironic timing. Young Prince has been out all day, Lord and Crown Prince and Companion Knight were out on an errand. I decided to dedicate the alone time to sitting in the sun with a book and a beverage.

Had to hit grocery store, wasn't too lengthy a visit - only saw one person I knew (But hi to Coach Jamie!) - came home, put away groceries, start laundry. Then I realized that neither the yard nor deck had a very convenient sunny spot. 

OK, so I settled on just taking 30 - 40 minutes on sitting out here to read in this room, by the open window, feet up, music streaming (Norah Jones radio on Pandora). Sounded great.

I am carrying things like a water bottle and an open bottle of Sam's Summer Ale, and the phones and iPad (reading eBook Storm of Swords, which - God willing - will become Game of Thrones Season Three next spring) and next thing I know I'm spilling beer all over my wicker coffee table.

First thought..."Oh how STUPID!"  Next thought, "whew, at least I didn't get any on my electronics."

So, I have to remove my cutesy little linen tea towels which were not very fricken cutesy being beer-soaked, and I rinse them out and toss them in hamper. Then I finally, FINALLY get settled in the loveseat, take a sip, sigh contentedly - and I hear the Tahoe in the driveway.

FML, indeed.

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