Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's Winter, Damn It!

Yeah, snow. Lots of snow. A major F-ing pain. But still, what are you going to do? Everyone is complaining, where are we going to put it? In the cities, naturally it's a concern. It's a bit tough out here in suburbia too. But in some ways, the complaints crack me up. As if there's a choice? Can we ask God, or Mother Nature - please take this (snowy) cup from me?

No, it's Winter, and we get snow. And yes, the kids might be going to school all of June. What are you gonna do?

Funny, I was just emailing a dear cousin. Dear cousin has been diagnosed with cancer. I know, right? It''s so scary, and I am having a hard time wrapping my little head around this diagnosis. 

So, what did I do? Remain silent. Silent as winter. Well not totally silent. I mentioned this news to some local folks. But did I reach out right away to Dear Cousin? Nooo. Not me. 

And I should freakin' know better. After all Tom (and us) have been through, I know very well the value of support. I'm hoping that my waves of fear and disbelief translated into surges of encouragement and hope all the way to Dear Cousin.

Since this is my husband's cousin, he has been calling and cooking, and he made a trip to her house over the weekend with food and good cheer. So that's cool. And I did email. I said that a minute ago. But it shouldn't have taken me this long. In my email I commiserated about the nature of illness and how it is not fair when it strikes. But what are you gonna do. Just keep going. Just keep shoveling.

Sure, it's OK to whine, hell - I'm a whining queen! But eventually - we just. Have. To. Keep. Going.

Actually, earlier today I was IMing with a Dear Friend - talking about the same thing - being a supportive friend during hardship. She felt very bad about not being supportive for us recently  - Oh forget it ! I say. This is a friend who is a true friend, who I know cares deeply, even if she is silent for a while. So, I hope she feels better about her imagined shortcomings in the friend department. She does just fine.

If Driving Home from Boston ever becomes a reality, a goodly section will be devoted to friendship. Something that can be beautiful, even in the face of disease, unemployment, and even winter.

Keep shoveling my friends.


Face to the Sunshine said...

We will! : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you, MK, for the kind words...with love and friendship, always, "IM friend". :)