Monday, February 13, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy

So, ya, you knew George was going to find his balls again and get Bailey all pumped and ready to deliver her possibly fatherless child. I really thought Tucker was checking out there. I really did. Speaking of dying, I thought Meredith was going to check out as well. Actually, no. I didn’t think that she was going to get killed off – up until I saw her lying on the ground, covered with ash and debris. For a moment I thought she was gone. But the Bomb Guy(s)? Did they turn into the ‘Pink Mist’ that chicken-shit Dr. Milton spoke of? Maybe the Mist would take Dr. Milton too?

Shame that Kyle Chandler seemingly bought it. I thought Meredith and he were going to start something. Why would they bring him? It was good to see him being a little disagreeable. The role he had in Early Edition (from what I remember) he was a little too nice. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like nice guys. They rule. But it was nice to see him a little less ‘nice’. Too bad he didn’t have that newspaper with him at the Bomb Squad headquarters. Maybe he and the squad could have stopped by the WW reenactment site before the damn bazooka was fired.

I love Yang, but why oh why the fuck did she have to open her mouth to Shepherd about Meredith holding the bomb? Why??? She seems smarter and less emo than that. But, sigh; guess it had to be part of the story. A bit corny that Tucker starts to flat-line at that instant by the way.

And the music, oohh the music has got to be the best soundtrack-y stuff out there. I have no clue what it is most of the time, but its perfect.

Well, tonight is another 24 episode, so I’ll be needing to get all psyched up for that.

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Mark Saleski said...

it really is a fine show (which scares me, given the track record of shows i like).