Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hello and Welcome to my column. Technically speaking this is a Weblog, or Blog as the "in-crowd" says. Am I part of the in-crowd? Probably not, but they havn't told me yet, so I'm sticking around until I get booted out.
What I write will reflect what goes on in my life, which probably isn't a whole lot different from your own. Look - we already have Dracut in common, how's that for a start? (Unless you're peering in from some other burg -spying on how we do things - shame on you!) Actually that's just wishful thinking on my part, hoping that Oprah or Peter Jennings, or someone with clout will see my efforts here and extend that mighty hand of opportunity my way.
So, I invite you to come back often. If you're in luck, I'll have had my coffee, and perhaps had a chance to write coherently about some grand adventure or another. Speaking of adventures, I spent last weekend in Chicago at a martial arts convention and seminar. Wow. Very amazing. I'll be writing more on that soon. What's more likely though, is that I'll be sharing with you my adventures in house cleaning, child rearing, and grocery shopping. Lotsa fun, I promise you.
You will probably see this Blog change several times in the beginning, as I decide on the best template, or ways to add links, and so forth. Have patience please (because I have very little). See you soon.

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