Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Less is More - part Two

So, yesterday was a clinic appointment for The Young Prince. About a 25 minute wait in the lab, and then upstairs for another while. Then the usual height/weight/BP. All fine enough. Seems like Dr. E. was hoping for a little more weight gain, but not hugely important.

As I expected, we spent most of the time talking about how to proceed with the cyclic vomiting issue. And we have a plan! We're going to try and tweak one of his current meds that may help calm down the GI system. And if it does happen again, we will most likely bring him to the hospital as it's happening - so they can do a CAT scan, or maybe an upper GI

I guess there is a possiblity that there could be adhesions or a blockage that didn't show up before on other tests. And if there is a blockage? I guess we won't worry about that now. 

So, it's really a minimal amount of fuss at the moment. We don't have to mess with his diet again, and he does not have to start a new med. Actually, he is going to now substitute his much hated Mepron for Bactrim! Mepron is a thick yellow liquid - the visiting nurses always called it "yellow paint". But the Bactrim, a tablet, only needs to be taken three times a week!

Less is more!

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