Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Late Night

Blue Heart in Clear Star
Late Night randomness:

Just never enough time. Or if there's time, never enough desire. Of if there's desire, there's a conflict - something else vying for attention. 

Still, there is inspiration. Inspiration to leave something out there for the world to find - even if it's just a bunch o' nonsense.

It's late. Obviously. I'm tired. Long day. I took one guy to Dr. appointment, then helped another guy study for a history final all the rest of the day and evening. And it's even OK that I didn't get to do any of my work (writing not housework) today. Had I a deadline, that might have been different.

But no, no deadline. And this last couple of weeks I've been feeling more committed to my work. Feeling like I'm progressing and accomplishing and all that happy hoo-ha. 

Tonight, I don't have anything particular to say, and I'm tempted to just wipe these bits of bloggy bytes bye-bye.

Still, I feel like I want to leave a bit of beauty, at least in a photo, like above. The words are shite, but the intention was sweet, not too bad for a late night.

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