Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration and Different Outlook, Part II

OK, when we last met, I was yakking about my future and my career and all that. So, I mentioned my preparations in the copy writing realm, but I also want to include what I'm doing for the other part of my writing soul - working on my book.

Yup, slowly, and what feels like, blindly, I've been working on a book idea called Driving Home from Boston. This project is based on The Young Prince's ordeal, and how illness impacts a family, and most of all, the crucial role of support.

The whole idea of me writing this book has a lot of stuff wrapped around it, which I might discuss in another post. The gist of it is this: As much as I enjoy writing, and as much as I know I am good at it (now don't judge me on these posts, they are not really polished, are they). But I really never considered writing a book.

Funny, when someone finds out I'm a writer, soon enough the question comes up..."Have you written a book?" (Or, "are you going to" or some variation). And I really never had the inclination.

ANYWAY - Now I DO have the inclination, the inspiration and the fervent desire to complete this project. (at least in fits and starts) So, I decided to take yet another course, this time via Grub Street. 

I started looking over the selections. I got depressed immediately.

They had so many good courses that were potentially applicable - Nonfiction writing, Essay writing, Memoir Writing, How to Write a Book Proposal, and many more. But either there would be a schedule conflict, or the cost was more than I could bear, or I just didn't know if this REALLY, REALLY, REALLY was the right thing for me to do. 

Finally I settled on a one day course, not too expensive, called Writing the Big Moments - it will help the writer figure out the best way to weave a narrative (either essay or memoir) around the big moments or milestones of our lives. Or something like that. And I figured once I got to meeting other writers and teachers at Grub Street, I could start picking some brains.

Anyway I feel better for having made the decision, and the sorrowful confusion from the other day is diminished, but still, most times I feel overwhelmed with all this stuff. Fear is part of it, and other neurotic stuff rent too much space in my head, and yaddah yaddah --

SO - my point here is that yesterday I had to do some shopping, and I wanted a really unique gift for someone - so I decided to go to a local gallery - the Brush Art Gallery in Lowell. It was really just what I needed. Totally different kind of art - but it felt incredibly good to immerse myself into some great creativity. Not only did I find some great gifts, but I found inspiration.


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