Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Beginnings, New Name?

Love this time of year. Although the calendar shows time is beginning its final descent into the realm of End of Year Clean-up, for me - and maybe because I still have school age children - it feels like a new beginning.

And here's my proposal. I want to change the name of this Blog. I have not liked the name for years now, but was hesitant to change. So maybe all you fine readers can help suggest a new name. Maybe I should hold a contest, and do this reality show style with creating teams and stirring up egos.

No, forget the ego stuff, but you may work in groups. : ) Discuss.


Face to the Sunshine said...

Thinking . . .

Face to the Sunshine said...

Well, of course there is "It's all about MARY!!"

or you could choose a line from a song, poem, movie, or book that really explains what you want this blog to be. For instance, "It's about Mary, d**n it!"