Sunday, January 21, 2007

So, I'm watching the Pats VS Colts, and the Colts just scored again. 21 to 19 - not good. Oh, and now they just got the 2 pt. conversion. Double Drat.

But at least Ellis Hobbs just ran a ton of yards. Nice!

And now Gaffney just caught a nice touchdown, and got pushed out. But Tony Dungy didn't like the looks of the play, so he threw the challenge flag. But thankfully, they ruled to keep the touchdown. Whew!

Sheesh, I toggle away for a few minutes and Indy scored again.12 minutes left in 4th quarter and we are 28 - 28.

I think I'll have a beer.

Great, while I'm gone - Caldwell dropped the ball in the end zone. Again.

Gostkowski kicked us a 3 pt. field goal, but Indy just got first down. Grrr!

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