Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's not red, but I love my Swingline Stapler. It's there whenever I need it. Actually, I don't think I'd like red anyway, prefer the black.

So, there's that.

In other news, you can't, never ever, not even a hint of it -- fraternize with a co-worker, outside of work. Well you can unless your boss could legally tell you not to. Dumb.

Is it the mining industry in general? Or is it just China - having a bad run of luck in that area.

Watched part of The Matrix tonight on TNT. It was good on the HD channel, and it was good with the surround sound, but, something was not good with the color. The wonderful "matrix green" that is part of the film's flavor was messed up. Sheesh, talk about a green screen; Agent Smith had green teeth, Tank had green skin tones, oh it was bad. It could have ruined my night if I let it. But then afterwards, TNT ran "Last Flight of the Osiris", from The Animatrix. That more than made up for the color situation. I hadn't seen it in maybe two years, and forgot how good it was. Very good.

Must be a Keanu night, cuz now Johnny Mnemonic has been on. I bought that a few years ago, and it's a nutty film. It is fun though. No, not nutty like say, Austin Powers. Just, weird. Like most of the stuff I like.

Did I say that the reason why "Osiris" reminded me of Final Fanasy: Spirits Within? Because Andy Jones directed both. Now I can sleep.

Not quite yet.

"...Call me sometime when you have no class". I love that line, You can be the first one to write in and tell me where it comes from! "Johnny Mnemonic, what will they win?"

Door #1 - A big 'ole Hummer H20 - no redeeming value nor parking space included
Door #2 - A baby's arm, holding an apple
Door #3 - A date with Tad Hamilton

Call before midnight -- oops too late. No Ginsu knives for you. Two weeks!

I love Bob. Bob the Enzyte guy. He doth crack me up. Just think of his smile. Is that not funny, or what?



Anonymous said...

You doth crack me up, too. I have the answer, but I cheated. Anything is available over the internet, isn't it? Even Rodney Dangerfield one-liners. Tap, tap, tap and there you go! I won't give the name of the movie, maybe someone who actually has a clue without using the www as a crutch can give the answer.

Eowyn said...

Might as well complete the circle.
"Call me sometime when you have no class". Ha ha ha! It's from Back to School, (yes?)and I plan on using it a LOT.(prepare yourself)