Friday, February 08, 2008


It’s not been a real gas around here lately – I haven’t stopped to look, but is like…Mercury in retrograde or something?

Let me preface this fine whine with the fact that more or less, our health is OK. Not fantastic, but OK. OK ain’t bad! (We will learn more about the Young Prince’s liver situation next week too)

Anyway, the house and other things…pretty crappy.

Last week – I think? – The Tahoe needed some work. Who knew an oxygen sensor would cost so much? Hey, I can do it for free…see, watch me breathe. See that? There’s oxygen, I have not dropped dead. I mean…really.

The following day the Toyota needed a check up at the dealer. However, that only cost $45.00! But I did have to bring it to the dealer, not in the same town. That was more of an expense of time – but I did bring the lap top, so some work was done while waiting for my $45.00 to be spent...

And it also led to a somewhat impromptu lunch with Sir Saleski. He works about an exit away as the crow flies. It was lovely, but I did secretly covet his chicken curry soup, or whatever it was. It smelled so good! My apple squash soup was ok, but it lacked something.

Then the same day…my mobile broke. I was on my way to pick up the Crown Prince after his last class, and I had short words with him on the phone. I snapped the flip top shut in a bit of angry haste. A minute later I picked it up again, and saw that the flippy top was – well excuse the expression, like a limp dick. No, that’s not right. But it wasn’t tight, taught, and seated correctly. I tried to open the phone but I was afraid to force it as I saw exposed wiring. That’s never a good thing.

And there is the lovely new phone. No flippy top here. (that's not to say that I am not capable of breaking it, but at least the poor thing's got a sporting chance.)

And then Gentle Reader there’s the story of - the oven. See, over the last while, we had noticed much tension in the oven knob control. I mean. like all of a sudden it was nearly a Herculean effort to turn the knob to the desired heat setting. And then the oven itself started burning everything. So, we couldn't use it without much trepidation, (timing really is everything) We’d have to pop stuff in while it pre-heated. Of course if you were only going to bake things at 500º, then it’s all good, right?

Behold, the new Maytag Performa Range above.

So, over the next few days I gained one new mobile, one new oven and one new water heater.

Oh yes…there’s that too. The water heater was due to be replaced – we had caught wind of a neato cool indirect system. We used Nana Williams’ plumber and phone calls went back for months, finally the date was set for this past Wednesday.


Of course, nearly all day we had no running water whilst the work was being done, but that’s no biggie. (Well, it is, but I was trying to be rather brave about it all).

So, yesterday, on Thurs. as the day went on, we realized that either the temperature had significantly dropped outdoors, or we had no heat.

We had no heat.

And as of this morning, no hot water.

Damn and Fuck. Double that while you’re at it.

But I do, honestly and sincerely try to see the positives.

Shelter – check
Electricity – check
Water – check
Cable TV – check
Internet – check

A sense of humor?



Anonymous said...

Whining- After a week like that I'd be bitching not whining.
How's the young prince doing?

Resurfacing- Yes it's time to resurface again. I like Lowell Provision also. Cool coffee maker, let's get lost again after buying a cup of coffee!

Happy Birthday!

Bill from Dracut:-)
What's "Choose an Identity"?

Barbara Gelnett said...

I was trying to find a place to leave a comment about your review of Dropkick Murphys "Meanest of Times," and somehow I ended up here on "Whining." I just wanted to give props to a kindred spirit who appreciates that cd. It has become my anthem cd lately. For a former Boston Irish Catholic girl whose soul is activated by Celtic sounds and whose spirit kicks in gear with some rockin punk music, it is so me in a way I haven't heard expressed in music in a while. If that weren't enough of a connection I work in CA with kids who are wards of the state! When I heard "State of Massachusetts," it knocked me over, I still can't get enough of it. Much of the rest of the cd applies to a lot of the obstacles my students, who are locked up in a facility, have to face. The music is so moral without preaching, it just spotlights the truth about so many of life's circumstances & human nature. Sometimes you have to fight to have a good life, but keep those pained, bruised knuckles up with a smile on your face.

Do you have a My space? I am also a freelance writer with a couple of projects in different stages of completion. If you feel like visiting Myspace, my name is Barbara Gelnett, Torrance, CA. I haven't added anything to my Google blogspot in a year (but I've finished 15 chapters of my book!) Well, I'm out, I should be working on my book right now.